Expect Trains - it's Rail Safety Week

15-21 August 2016

Metlink operates over 2,000 train services a week around the Greater Wellington Region and we want to make sure when you are walking or driving near railway lines that you EXPECT TRAINS.

Every time you're near railway tracks, be alert. Trains can come at any time, from either direction. Avoid distractions - remove your headphones and don't look at your phone before and during crossing the tracks.


  • Only cross at formed pedestrian crossing or an overpass or underpass
  • Stop and look for trains both ways up and down the tracks
  • Only cross if you are sure there are no trains in sight
  • Obey the warning signs at the crossing - if lights are flashing or bells are ringing this means a train is approaching
  • If there is a pedestrian swing gate, wait until the gate opens fully before entering the crossing
  • If a train has passed or is stationary at a station, always check both ways again to make sure another train is not coming. Two tracks might mean there is a second train approaching
  • Metlink is not the only service operating on Wellington's rail tracks so remain cautious outside of our scheduled services.

Key facts: 

  • Trains travel faster than they appear and cannot stop quickly
  • Trains can come from either direction, at any time, day or night
  • Railway tracks are private property
  • Our electric trains are faster and quieter than diesel trains so you are unlikely to hear them. Remove your headphones, look and listen before crossing
  • Not all trains stop at all stations

For more information:

www.tracksafe.co.nz(external link)