The new bus network will make taking the bus around Wellington easier, quicker and more convenient.

From mid-2018, simplified routes, more often, means more options for customers - Wellington City's new bus route network.

We’ve listened to customers and designed a network of bus routes where more people have easier access to more services at times when you want to travel. There are new weekend and evening services, travel times are faster on key routes and more people have direct routes to important destinations, like Wellington Hospital and Victoria University.

With a more flexible service in place, more people will choose the bus for their daily travel, creating more demand and less congestion.

Bus cropped

To support our growing and vibrant city into the future, we undertook the first significant review of bus services in more than 20 years.  It's been a big undertaking.

Why change the network?

Wellington City is growing and changing. Public transport needs to move with the changes and meet increasing need for services.

  • The current bus network has reached its capacity, particularly at peak times on key corridors
  • Some areas are well serviced and some aren't
  • Journey times are taking longer, making people late
  • Putting more and more buses into an already congested network is no longer the answer
  • We need a bus network that meets people’s travel needs all day, 7 days a week
  • Wellington’s population will keep growing, increasing demands on public transport.

A bit of tweaking wasn’t the answer. Creating a service that is easier, smarter and better meant a review of the whole network. 

  • More people will have more regular options to travel to more places by bus
  • It will be an all-day network, running seven days a week
  • Buses will be more punctual and reliable
  • More people will live closer to a high frequency bus route than they are now - 75% of Wellington's residents will be within ten minutes walk of a high frequency bus route (up from 45%)
  • More regular off-peak services to twenty-two suburbs
  • New weekend services to ten suburbs
  • Less waiting because more buses will leave at times that suit you
  • Higher capacity buses carrying more passengers at peak times will reduce the number of buses on the road, meaning less congestion and faster trips through the CBD
  • Services running later into the evening to 12 suburbs.

Meeting the demand of a new millennium

Commuters currently make 35 million journeys a year on public transport, and this is expected to increase to 42 million trips by 2021.

To accommodate this growth, the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) and New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) are investing $1.3 billion over five years to modernise public transport services and infrastructure.

More people are choosing to use the recently modernised rail service each year. We are now focusing on bringing the same improvements to the people who take 60,000 bus trips each day.  In mid-2018 the new Wellington bus network will be in operation.

A better customer experience

The new bus network has a simplified structure with routes meeting at logical connection points and where arrival and departure times are coordinated.  

We are creating:

  • simple network with a clear structure that is easy to understand
  • connected network where it is easy and affordable to transfer between services
  • An integrated service which provides a consistent customer experience through one Metlink look for all public transport services and easy payment methods with a single smart card for buses.   

Mid-2018 Wellington City bus network maps