Travelling in large groups

Metlink does not offer bookings or reservations for public transport services. If services are busy or full, some or all of your group may not be able to ride the same service together. We encourage larger groups (10 or more people travelling together) to travel during off-peak periods to minimise the possibility that we may not be able to accommodate your group.

Large school groups (10 or more students) on public services must be supervised by responsible adults. For more information on dedicated school bus services, see Schools Guide.

If your group is travelling:

  • By bus - We recommend contacting Metlink as early as possible before you travel on 0800 801 700 so that we can notify the bus operator of a large group wanting to board.

  • By rail – We recommend that you notify Metlink rail ticketing staff 10 working days in advance of travel plans. Please call 04 462 1546 during business hours or email: 

For full details about travelling in large groups, see Conditions of Carriage.

Charter services

Metlink does not provide or manage private or charter services. Our operators manage their own charter bookings directly. Contact details for operators can be found under the About section. 

Last published: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 4:42 PM