Metlink trains use paper-based tickets which are valid for the number of zones listed on the ticket, no matter which line you travel on. Be sure to keep your paper tickets in a safe place, as they will not be replaced or refunded if they are lost. Children under five travel for free, and SuperGold card holders travel free during off-peak

If you don't catch trains often, you can buy single trip tickets from train stations and ticket agents, or with cash from the on-board staff. Only cash is accepted on board Metlink trains (no EFTPOS or credit cards). You can purchase 10-Trip tickets, which are also available in concession and off-peak fares, from a ticket office or ticket retailer. If you commute regularly, we recommend a Monthly train pass or MonthlyPlus train pass which you can purchase at a ticket office, ticket retailer, or online(external link).

Day passes, such as the Metlink Explorer and the Kāpiti Combo, are combination bus and train tickets, and can be purchased on board with cash. Some sports games and events at Sky Stadium have Event tickets available, which give you a return journey to and from Wellington Station at a discounted fare.

Afternoon peak surcharges and minimum fares apply on the Wairarapa line for passengers getting off in the Hutt Valley.

All tickets have their own terms and conditions.

See full terms under Conditions of carriage

Single-trip fares

If you don't catch the train often, you can buy a single trip paper ticket using cash onboard the train or at a ticket office or ticket retailer. Single tickets are at least 25% more expensive per trip than 10-Trip tickets.

When purchasing a ticket onboard the train, correct change is appreciated. Single Child fares and Accessible concession fares can be purchased on board. Tertiary concession and off-peak discounts are not available on single-trip fares.

10-Trip tickets

10-Trip tickets are physical tickets that are clipped by on-board staff for each trip. If you catch a train to work or school every day, purchasing a monthly train pass or a 10-Trip ticket is likely to be the most cost-effective option for you. Concession and off-peak fares are available on 10-trip tickets. You can buy 10-Trip tickets from railway station tickets offices and from Metlink retailers. 10-trip tickets cannot be purchased on board.

Event ticket

Metlink Event tickets are available for some sports games and events at Sky Stadium, and give you a return journey to and from Wellington Station. Child Event tickets are available, but there are no Tertiary, Accessible, or off-peak discounts.

Purchase Event tickets on the day with cash on board on the train or from staff at the barriers to the railway station. You can only use Event tickets on the day of the specified event until 1.15am the following morning. Not all events at Sky Stadium qualify for Event tickets. Service alerts(external link) and our social media pages will announce which events will be offering Event fares.

Monthly train pass

If you are a regular train commuter, the Monthly train pass is a good option for you. Monthly passes are issued for a calendar month, and give you unlimited travel every day (including on weekends) between the zones specified on your ticket. Options are available if you are a regular commuter but don't travel to Wellington Station. 

Evening peak surcharges and minimum fares apply to trips on the Wairarapa line for passengers getting off at the Hutt Valley.

Find out more about Monthly train passes

MonthlyPlus train pass

If you catch the bus to your local railway station, on your way to Wellington, a MonthlyPlus train pass covers your bus trip and train trip. Just show your MonthlyPlus pass to the Metlink on-board train staff or bus driver.

It allows you to travel on trains to and from Wellington Station plus on any bus within zone 4 and the outer zone specified on the ticket at any time. Buses within Wellington city (zones 1-3) are not included. 

Evening peak surcharges and minimum fares apply to trips on the Wairarapa line for passengers getting off at the Hutt Valley.

Find out more about the MonthlyPlus pass

Kāpiti Combo ticket

Kāpiti Combo tickets are a special bus & train combination ticket with a set fare for same-day return travel between Waikanae and Paraparaumu or between Otaki and Paraparaumu.

There are no one-way combo tickets. Kāpiti Combo tickets can only be purchased with cash on-board the bus. Child, Accessible, and Tertiary concessions do not apply to Kāpiti Combo tickets.

Find out more about the Kāpiti Combo ticket

Last published: Friday, May 7, 2021 at 9:31 AM