Snapper card

Off-peak and Concession fares using Snapper

Snapper cards automatically get a 25% discount on regular adult Snapper fares when travelling Off-peak. You can also load a 30-day bus pass to your Snapper.

Child, Tertiary and Accessible concessions have eligibility requirements, and need to be loaded onto your Snapper card to be used for discounted bus travel. Off-peak discounts and concessions can't be combined, but once your concession is applied, your Snapper card will apply the best discount automatically. 

Early bird bus fares before 7am weekdays

Use your Snapper card to get 25% off adult Snapper bus fares before 7am weekdays. 

More information

Getting started with Snapper

Buy a Snapper card

You can buy a Snapper card for RRP $10 from a Snapper retailer or online on the Snapper website.(external link)

Buy a Snapper card(external link)

Register your card

By registering your Snapper card, you'll be able to see your balance, transaction history, and travel history online. Plus, if you lose your registered card, you can block the balance and transfer it to a new card. 
After you're registered, you can apply for a concession on your Snapper card (external link)if you're eligible for for the Child, T(external link)ertiary(external link), or Accessible(external link) concession.

Top up your Snapper

You'll need credit on your Snapper card before you can use it. Snapper retailers and kiosks are located throughout the region, and there are some options for topping up with mobile devices or online

Top up your Snapper(external link)

Tag on and tag off

Just hold your Snapper card to the Snapper fish on the reader  you’ll hear a beep and see a green tick on the screen to let you know you’ve tagged on. As you leave the bus, tag off at the back the same way you tagged on and you’ll automatically be charged the right amount. 

More about tagging on and off(external link)

Last published: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 4:16 PM