Child fares

Children under 5 travel free

Children under 5 years old travel for free anytime on Metlink buses, trains, and ferries, as long as they travel with another passenger who is at least 10 years old. See also travelling with Children & Prams.

50% discount for school-aged children

School-aged children get a 50% discount on the adult fare (known as a Child concession) on all Metlink services, except after midnight bus services. Concessions are still valid during school holidays. When using cash, the discount may not be exactly 50% of the adult fare, because cash fares are rounded up to the nearest 50 cents.

On buses

Snapper cards will automatically apply the discount on buses, as long as the Child concession has been applied to the card. Green Snapper cards(external link) already have the child concession already loaded, and are available at all Snapper retailers(external link). Fares on school buses work the same way. More information about school bus services can be found on the Schools guide.

On trains & ferries

All train & ferry ticket types receive the child concession discount, including single tickets, 10-trip tickets, Monthly passes and train event tickets. There are no further discounts to train and ferry tickets when using a Child concession. For example, there is no further discount to a child ticket when travelling off-peak.

Applying a Child concession to a Snapper card

Green Snapper cards already have a Child Concession applied. Some schools print their ID cards onto Snapper cards. In both of these cases, you don't need to do anything, and the concession does not need to be renewed.

A Child Concession on a Red Snapper card is only valid until the cardholder turns 16. Students using a Red Snapper card need to have the concession loaded and renewed by 28th February each year, until they leave school. If the card holder does not apply for renewal of the concession, the Snapper card will start charging adult fares from 1st March of that year.

You can drop into a Snapper Service Centre(external link) to have the ID checked and the concession applied to your card, or apply online using the Snapper website. Metlink ticket offices, Snapper retailers and Snapper kiosks are not able to apply concessions to Snapper cards.

Apply for a child concession online(external link)

Topping up your child's Snapper card

Child concessions are a discount to regular fares, not a "term pass", so you'll need to top up the balance on the card regularly. Find out how to top up your child's Snapper card on the Snapper website.

Snapper top up options(external link)

Last published: Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 6:02 PM