Accessible concession

50% discount for eligible passengers

If you are a member of Blind Low Vision NZ or are a Total Mobility cardholder, you are eligible to a 50% discount on adult fares when using Snapper cards, 10-trip train tickets, and all ferry tickets. If you need assistance to travel, a carer can travel with you for free, as long as they are with you for the entire journey.

Total Mobility for public transport

On buses

Your Total Mobility card is a Snapper card, and can be used to tag on and off the bus. You'll need to have credit on your Snapper card, so remember to top it up regularly. Accessibility concessions can also be applied to regular red Snapper cards.

Keep your Total Mobility card or Blind Low Vision NZ membership card with you, as Metlink staff may ask to see your card when you travel. If you are bringing a carer with you, please let the driver know before you tag on.

On trains & ferries

For trains and ferries, you can purchase a concession 10-Trip ticket from a Metlink ticket office or train ticket retailer. Monthly train passes do not have a separate accessible concession, as they are already discounted by about 40%. 


  • Johnsonville Line trains don't use 10-trip tickets. Use your Total Mobility card like a Snapper card on the Johnsonville Line.
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts
  • Cannot use Total Mobility and SuperGold cards for the same trip, or to get a free trips for both yourself and your carer
  • If using SuperGold during off peak, carer does not travel for free
  • Buses that Metlink does not run: Commuter 80, 90, 92, 93

Eligibility & how to apply

Through Total Mobility

You can find out if you're eligible by visiting the Total Mobility page on our website. 

Total Mobility

These cards can be used as a Snapper card for public transport, as well as to get a discount on some transport operators.

Through Blind Low Vision NZ

Blind Foundation members can apply for the Accessible Concession:

  • By phone the Snapper helpdesk on 0800 555 345 or
  • In person at a Snapper Service Centre (refer to the table below)
  • By emailing with your Snapper card number and a copy of your Blind Foundation ID card

When applying please bring your Blind Foundation ID card and proof you live in Wellington (e.g. something with your address such as a rates bill or bank statement).

Please contact the Blind Foundation if you want to become a member(external link).

Last published: Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 6:02 PM