Paying your bus fare

Bus fares can be purchased with a Snapper card, cash, or a pass. If you are a regular Metlink bus customer using a Snapper card is likely to be the most cost-effective option for getting around the Wellington region by bus. Transfers at no extra cost, Tertiary and Accessible concessions, and Off-peak fares are are only available when using Snapper.

Child fares (aged 5-15) are 50% of the adult fare and can be purchased with cash, or a Child concession can be loaded onto a Snapper card. Children under 5 years old travel for free. SuperGold cardholders travel for free during off-peak

After Midnight bus services have set fares, which can be paid with cash, Snapper or using a SuperGold card.

If you are visiting Wellington or will spend the day travelling around, we recommend a Metlink Explorer day pass, which can be purchased on board any bus or train. If you commute to the city by bus at peak times, a 30-day bus pass may be the best option for you. 30-day bus passes can be loaded to your Snapper card, but exclude some services.

Kāpiti Combo tickets include bus and train travel in the Waikanae or Otaki areas. MonthlyPlus train passes include bus travel between zone 4 and the outermost zone listed on the ticket.

Each ticket type has its own terms and conditions.

See terms under Conditions of carriage

Snapper card

Snapper is a stored value card that you use to 'tag' on and off buses, which is cheaper than using cash. You can transfer to your next bus at no extra cost, as long as you're within 30 minutes of tagging off and then on again, for up to 5 Metlink buses.

Off-peak fares are automatically applied when travelling with a Snapper card. You can apply a ChildTertiary, or Accessible fare onto your Snapper card, or get a 30 day travel pass.

Purchase a Snapper card online(external link), or visit a Snapper retailer(external link) to buy a card and top up your balance. The balance on your Snapper card doesn't expire, so feel free to top up your card well ahead of your journey. 

Find out more about Snapper cards

Cash fares

Single trip paper bus tickets can be purchased with cash from the driver when you board a Metlink bus. Exact change is always appreciated since our drivers don't carry much change. 

No discounts or concessions on cash fares

Child fares can be purchased with cash. Tertiary and Accessible fares do not apply to cash fares, and will be charged the full adult fare. Free transfers and off-peak fares do not apply to cash fares, and will be charged the full adult fare. We recommend using Snapper or a Metlink Explorer day pass if you are catching multiple services.

After Midnight fares

After Midnight bus services have set fares, and are purchased on board. Pay the driver with cash or use your Snapper card to tag on. The fare is the same when using Snapper card or paying by cash.

Child, Accessible, and Tertiary fares don't apply to after midnight fares. SuperGold cardholders ride free on after midnight bus services. If you have a Metlink Explorer day pass, show the driver your pass.

After Midnight bus services [PDF, 92 KB]

See timetables [PDF, 141 KB]

Kāpiti Combo tickets

Kāpiti Combo tickets are a special bus & train combination ticket with a set fare for same-day return travel between Waikanae and Paraparaumu or between Otaki and Paraparaumu.

There are no one-way combo tickets. Kāpiti Combo tickets can only be purchased with cash on-board the bus. Child, Accessible, and Tertiary concessions do not apply to Kāpiti Combo tickets.

Find out more about the Kāpiti Combo ticket

Last published: Thursday, July 30, 2020 at 4:34 PM