Half price fares

Frequently asked questions

Will all bus, rail and ferry fares be halved?

Yes – all Metlink fares will be at least 50% less than the current fares on all buses, ferries and trains.

Will concessions and off-peak travel be half price?

Yes – all Metlink fares including Off-Peak discounts, Child, Accessible and Tertiary concessions, cash fares and period passes will be at least 50% discount on the current fares.

Why are some fares discounted more than 50%?

The Government asked for public transport fares to be halved. Metlink has ensured that every fare is discounted by at least 50%. This means that some fares are rounded to the nearest 1 cent, 10 cents or 50 cents as appropriate for the payment method.

Who is funding (paying for) the half price fares?

The Government has stated that it will reimburse agreed costs of implementing the half price fare initiative.

Will the full price tickets be available for purchase during the half price period?

No – only half price tickets will be sold during the half price period. Metlink will update customers with any change to the availability or conditions of tickets and fares and will make necessary arrangements to transition back to the normal full prices after the half price period is ended.

Last published: Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 10:38 AM