Tertiary guide

Figuring out which service to catch

We recommend using the Journey planner to find your best options for getting to class. Create a MyMetlink account and set your favourite locations (like home, hall, work and uni) and your usual routes to make journey planning on the fly even easier. 

Student discount on your fares

See a full list of the approved Tertiary Education Organisations on the Tertiary concessions page, as well as eligibility criteria to get the student discount on fares. 

Eligible students also get a 25% discount on fares when using Snapper and on 10-trip tickets for the train. Discounts and concessions don't apply to cash fares or monthly train passes. Once you've got your Snapper card, you'll need to complete an online process to get your student (tertiary) concession loaded against your card, so don't wait until the first day of class to get it sorted. You'll need to have your student ID (or electronic student ID) on hand to buy student train tickets, and you'll have to get them from a ticket office or retailer.  

Last published: Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 6:24 PM