Metlink On Demand

How it works

On Demand times and availability

  • Monday to Friday  6:30am to 7:30pm   
  • Saturday  8:30am to 9pm 
  • Off-peak travel is 9am to 3pm and all day Saturday

Virtual stop locations

The service uses “virtual stops” as points to pick up and drop off passengers.  A virtual stop is a curb side, unmarked location on a city street where buses will pick up passengers. This is not a traditional bus stop and there is no signage or marked area for buses.

Virtual stops are located approximately every 100m. However, this may vary due to footpath, road, or other conditions which could impact the safety of passengers getting on or off the bus.

Booking your journey

The service can only be booked and paid for by using the On Demand app that you download to your smartphone. During the trial, there are no website bookings or phone bookings through the Contact Centre. On Demand services cannot be flagged down (no hail & ride). 

  1. Request pick-up and drop-off locations using the Metlink On Demand app. 
  2. Choose one of the suggested pick-up or drop off times. Be sure to let us know any accessibility needs too. 
  3. Smart technology allocates a seat for you on a bus that meets your journey needs, along with other passengers sharing the vehicle who have similar pickup locations and destinations. 
  4. The app will direct you to a 'virtual bus stop' within a short walking distance and specify a time when the bus will meet you. 
  5. Driver will ask your name and tick your name off on the list on their screen. It's helpful to have your app open to identify yourself.
  6. The bus will take you to your destination making stops along the way to drop other passengers off.

Paying for your journey

All bookings and payments are done through the app, using a credit card or debit card capable of online purchases. Standard EFTPOS cards cannot be used on the app. Monthly tickets, Snapper, day passes, cash and paper tickets are not accepted.  


  • All travel on the On Demand service is within the Tawa suburb and is one fare zone.
  • The fare per ride is $2.50 per person.
  • SuperGold card holders travel free during off-peak journeys only.
  • Children under 5 ride free, but a seat must be booked for them.
  • Other concessions and discounts do not apply.

Transfers and multiple fares

During the trial, there are no transfers onto other Metlink bus or train services - the On Demand service is an individual journey.  You can book up to 10 people onto the service using the app. Costs for all riders are charged to the booking account.