Luggage & Large items

Safety & assistance

For safety reasons, drivers and staff are not required to assist customers with bags, large items, or prams. You must follow instructions given by our staff in relation to items brought onto a vehicle. Staff may refuse to carry an item if the available space for luggage is already full, or if they believe it to be:

  • Excessively large
  • Hazardous or otherwise likely to cause injury to anyone or damage to any property
  • Due to its nature or condition, likely to cause offence or discomfort to another passenger


We recommend travelling during off-peak if you have large luggage, or using the Airport Express bus if heading to the airport.

Most regular Metlink buses have a small rack for bags, folding prams, and hand luggage, but the space is limited and require the items to be lifted. Regular Metlink buses are not specifically designed to accommodate full size luggage, but you are welcome to bring it on board if there is capacity to do so safely.

Trains on the Hutt Valley, Melling, Kapiti, and Johnsonville Lines do not have designated luggage areas, but items can usually be accommodated in the cycle storage area.

Wairarapa Line trains have a luggage car, which will always be on the north end of the platform when the train stops. There are a few steps and a narrow entrance to the storage area, so luggage should not exceed 30kg, for safety reasons during loading.

Large items

Please be considerate of other passengers. Large backpacks, sport equipment, grocery bags and market trolleys should be held on your lap, at your feet, or in the storage rack, not on a seat. We ask that standing passengers with large backpacks place them in baggage storage areas or at their feet to prevent accidentally bumping into other passengers.

Items must not block any emergency exits or other passengers' access on or off the vehicle or movement inside the vehicle. Luggage must be secured by the owner, whether in a luggage storage area or by holding onto it while travelling. 

We are not liable for loss or damage to your luggage or any other property you wish to travel with.

Priority seating

If you are sitting in a priority seating area with your luggage or large item, you must vacate the seat if the space or area is needed for a wheelchair, pram or cycle, as these areas are designated for these purposes. For information about travelling with a mobility aid, see Accessibility Guide.

Last published: Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 6:40 AM