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Paraparaumu Bike Rack edit

Inspired by other racks around Wellington, the new facilities at Paraparaumu and Waterloo stations feature a Dutch style two-tier bike rack. This bike rack is surrounded by a three sided bus stop style shelter to provide a safe, secure place to store 24 bikes at the station.

The facility is designed to accommodate bikes of different sizes and types. The top rack is gas assisted and the bottom rack features a roller mechanism, both designed to assist with putting your bike into the rack.

Instructions for use

To use the top rack:

  1. Slide the rack out by pulling firmly using both handles
  2. Keep the rack straight until it is fully extended and stops
  3. Carefully lower the rack to the ground
  4. Load or unload your bike. If loading, remember to lock your bike
  5. Return the rack to its upright position. Lift until the rack is straight then push firmly in until the rack stops

To use the bottom rack:

  1. Pull the rack out firmly until it stops
  2. Load or unload you bike, facing your front wheel toward the back of the shelter. If loading, remember to lock your bike
  3. The rack is designed to remain stationary whilst unloading or loading. Return the rack to its stored position. Lift the rack slightly and push in firmly until the rack stops


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