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Whether this will be your first year or your last at school, there are a few things you need to do to prepare. If you're planning on using Metlink buses to get where you need to go for this school term, check out our tips below. 

Back to school checklist

Paying for travel on Metlink school buses

50% discount for school students only with Snapper

Students using Metlink services will be able to pay using a Snapper card with a Child Concession, or with cash which will be more expensive. School term passes have been discontinued and buses no longer accept Mana/Newlands cards. 

If you already have a Snapper card you can use it on Metlink buses anywhere in the Wellington region. If you don’t have an existing card, you can buy a Snapper card for RRP $10 from a Snapper retailer (external link) or online by visiting the Snapper website.
(external link)

Applying a Child Concession onto your Snapper

If you have a green Snapper card, your card already has a Child Concession applied. If you have a red Snapper card, you will need to confirm your eligibility with Snapper to apply a Child Concession to your Snapper card. This will ensure you receive the child discount when you use your Snapper card.

Confirming eligibility is easy! You’ll need to register your card on the Snapper website (external link)  then simply email with:

  • Your date of birth
  • Proof of enrolment – i.e. a scan of your current school ID or a letter from your school confirming you are enrolled at school for the current year
  • Your 16-digit Snapper card number
  • Your registered email address (for your Snapper website account)

How the Child Concession works

  • Once eligibility is confirmed the child concession will be enabled until the card holder’s 16th birthday.  Once a cardholder turns 16, or if they were already 16 at the time of confirming eligibility, the concession will need to be renewed by 28 February each year until they leave school
  • When you tag on, the Snapper Reader on the bus will beep twice which indicates to the driver that a child fare has been charged (one beep means an adult has tagged on). The reader will also show the name of the concession on the screen, so you will see CHILD when you tag on

Paying for travel on Metlink trains

Old Metlink Monthly Rail Passes have been replaced by the Metlink MonthlyPlus Pass and the Metlink Rail Monthly Pass. Find out more about the new train tickets.

What's great is that the 50% discount is available for all school students when using a concession 10-trip ticket, and the Metlink MonthlyPlus pass is now available for children as well as adults, providing free bus travel between zone 4 and the outer zone specified on your ticket.

Train tickets (except for the rail On-board Cash tickets for single trip) are now based on zones rather than stations and rail lines meaning that you can use your monthly pass or 10-Trip tickets on any line for the zones indicated on the ticket.  So a zone 1 to 6 ticket now allows you to travel from Wellington to any station in zone 6 on the Hutt, Johnsonville, Kāpiti or Wairarapa lines.