Working out the best transport options for getting to and from schoolemojibus

Your child can get to school by dedicated school bus or our public bus services. Using Metlink trains is also an option for many schools. If you live within one to two kilometres of the school, you might want to encourage your child to use active and independent travel options

Walking, scooting, cycling, skating or catching public transport to school are all great options in the Wellington region, and more and more families and schools are enjoying the benefits they bring. 

We have developed a range of resources to help our region’s young people and their caregivers along this path.

Some school bus services are changing in 2018: 

You can check timetables 30 days prior to the day school starts.

Select how your child may be able to get to school

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1. Getting a bus or train to school

Another benefit of having your child catch public transport is that you don't have to drive them to school every...

2. Active and Independent travel options

School holidays are a great time to teach your children many things, including the best routes for walking and scooting...

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3. Getting a regular bus to school

As fee-paying passengers, school age children are entitled to travel on public transport services.

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4. Cycling to school

Cycling to school is a realistic option for students aged 10 and over in many parts of the region.

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5. Learning to catch a bus

School holidays are a good time to practice catching a bus.

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6. Learning to catch a train

School holidays are a good time to practice catching a train

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7. School term pass - bus

You can purchase your school term pass from the bus company running your school service.

8. School term pass - train

Rail School Term Pass applications can be downloaded via the PDF file below or collected from any ticket office at...

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9. School bus services review

We currently operates and funds over 250 school bus services and aims to be consistent in how we deliver school...

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