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There are three bus services that allow Victoria University students and staff to get directly to the Kelburn Campus. However, bus hubs at Courtenay Place and the Karori Tunnel provide quick transfer points from other services onto these three services. These transfers are at no extra cost within thirty minutes as long as you use your Snapper card to tag on and off. Remember to apply for a Tertiary Concession for a 25% discount on fares on your Snapper card.

Metlink bus services that get you to Victoria University's Kelburn campus

The easiest way to plan how to get to Victoria University’s Kelburn Campus is with our Journey Planner

Route (click to view timetable)

Route description

Direct Services

Route 21 - Karori (Wrights Hill) - Kelburn - Courtenay Place (external link) Seven day a week service linking Karori, Wrights Hill and Kelburn to Courtenay Place. Service runs every 10 minutes during weekdays, and every 30 minutes at night and during the weekend.
Route 22 - Wellington - Kelburn - Mairangi - Johnsonville (external link) Seven day a week service linking Wellington Station and Kelburn campus. Some trips perform a longer run between Johnsonville, Mairangi, Kelburn and Wellington Station. Please see the timetable for details.
Route 18e - Karori - Kelburn - Newtown - Miramar (external link)

Lower frequency service between Miramar and Karori via Kilbirnie, Newtown, Wellington Hospital, Wellington High School, Massey University, and Victoria University Kelburn Campus. Runs every 20 minutes during peak times on weekdays, and every 60 minutes during the day, evenings, and weekends.

Southern & Eastern Suburbs

  • Take any city-bound bus to Courtenay Place, then transfer to a route 21 bus
  • Take bus 18e from Miramar, Kilbirnie, Newtown or Mount Cook
Northern Suburbs (external link)  
  • Take any bus to Wellington Station, then transfer to a route 22 bus
Western Suburbs
  • Take bus 21 from Karori (via Wrights Hill)
  • Take bus 22 from Wilton/Northland
  • Take bus 18e from Karori, Northland or Kelburn
  • Take any bus to Karori Tunnel and transfer on to the 21, 22 or 18e