Ngaio Station is one of eight railway stations on the Johnsonville Line, a commuter branch railway north of Wellington, and serves the suburb of Ngaio.

Station information


On Collingwood Street.

Nearest Ticket Office

Broderick Dairy, 66 Broderick Road, Johsonville. Single fares can be purchased from Metlink staff on the train with cash (no eftpos). Correct change is appreciated.

Toilet facilities

There are no toilet facilities at Ngaio station.

Park and Ride

There are Park and Ride facilities at Ngaio Station. There are parking spaces level with the station on Collingwood Street and additional spots on Ottawa Road opposite the Ngaio Community Centre.


There is a cycle rack at Ngaio station. Cycles are stored at your own risk and you need to supply your own lock.

Cycles can be taken on all Johnsonville line services. There is room for three cycles on each service. Carrying your cycle is free but it is on a first-come first-served basis.