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Real Time Information (RTI) is up-to-the minute information on when a bus or train service is due to arrive at your stop or station.

RTI is more accurate than schedules because it is based on the actual locations of all buses and trains, which are constantly monitored by GPS. This information is used to predict arrival times reflecting actual conditions at the time. RTI is also smart as it learns the effects of different conditions at different items to ensure predicted times are accurate.

RTI is also used to provide messages advising of planned service changes or major service disruptions, enabling you to change your travel plans if necessary.

Display signs

RTI display signs have a screen showing expected arrival times for the next three or more services.

Over 190 electronic display signs are installed at key bus stops and another 60 display signs are installed at train stations.

You will find the display signs installed on poles or buildings close to bus stops and train stations.

When a bus or train is being tracked by RTI the times shown are the actual number of minutes until that bus or train arrives e.g. "3min". The word ‘Due’ means the service is less than 90 seconds away.

If a bus or train hasn’t started its journey, or if a fault is affecting its connection to the system, the scheduled time will be shown instead; these will display as 'SCHED'. Services that have been cancelled will display as 'CAN'.

Accessing RTI for buses

RTI screen at bus stop

RTI is available for nearly all bus stops, including those without display signs. You can:

  • Type the 4-digit bus stop number using the “Real time” section on our homepage 
  • Visit the Metlink website on a mobile device and type the 4-digit bus stop number into the “Real time” section
  • Install and use our Metlink Commuter app on your smartphone from the app store or Google Play
  • To find out your bus stop 4-digit number use the "Show stops on map" section on our homepage
  • Call the Metlink Service Centre on 0800 801 700

 Accessing RTI for trains

Availability of RTI


RTI is installed where there is the greatest number of public transport users. It is not currently available for the Otaki and Wairarapa bus services.


There are display signs at most railway stations except Kenepuru, Matarawa and Maymorn stations due to the low number of passengers who use those stations. There is no Otaki Station sign because Otaki Station is not part of greater Wellington’s metro rail network.

Journey Planning

RTI is not included in journey planning. This is because most journeys are for farther in the future than accurate information is available.

Other uses for RTI

RTI provides a huge amount of data about how bus and train services perform in the real world. This information helps us work with operators to refine timetables to ensure they are as realistic as possible.

RTI will be used in the future in contractual agreements covering service quality and performance. We are also looking at using RTI for school bus services.

RTI on non-standard routes

When buses are replacing trains, the display sign will show the scheduled route times and note that buses replace trains on some services.

RTI will only show at stations where train service is stopping. Trains are identified by their station abbreviation and the designation ‘all stops’ or ‘express’, e.g. the express train for Upper Hutt will show on the display as UPPE – Express, and no times will show for the stations it passes without stopping.

On the Hutt Line, the codes ‘All stops*’ or ‘Non stop*’ mean the train will not stop at Ngauranga. Express** excludes Pomare or Manor Park stations.

Real Time Information makes catching public transport easier and more convenient.  If you spot something that needs fixing or improving, please get in touch. You can call the Metlink Service Centre on 0800 801 7000 or email us

Railway station abbreviation codes

Railway Station RTI code Railway Station RTI code
Ava AVA Petone PETO
Awarua Street AWAR Plimmerton PLIM
Box Hill BOXH Pomare POMA
Carterton CART Porirua PORI
Crofton Downs CROF Pukerua Bay PUKE
Epuni EPUN Raroa RARO
Featherston FEAT Redwood REDW
Heretaunga HERE Renall Street RENA
Johnsonville JOHN Silverstream SILV
Kenepuru KENE Simla Crescent SIML
Khandallah KHAN Solway SOLW
Linden LIND Taita TAIT
Mana  MANA Takapu Road  TAKA
Manor Park MANO Tawa TAWA
Masterton MAST Trentham TREN
Matarawa MATA Upper Hutt UPPE
Maymorn MAYM Waikanae WAIK
Melling MELL Wallaceville WALL
Naenae NAEN Waterloo WATE
Ngaio NGAI Wellington WELL
Ngauranga NGAU Western Hutt WEST
Paekakariki PAEK Wingate WING
Paraparaumu PARA Woburn WOBU
Paremata PARE Woodside WOOD