Let's Carpool is a secure ride sharing website which does the hard work of finding carpooling matches for your journey to work. Thousands of people throughout New Zealand have signed up.

How does Let's Carpool work?

  • Register your start point, destination and contact information on our secure website  www.letscarpool.govt.nz (external link)
  • You'll see a map showing the location of people travelling a similar route and a match list with their contact details
  • Contact people on your match list to start your carpool.  To start with, you may prefer to try carpooling one or two days per week
  • Use the site to find a carpool match to your nearest railway station, or bus connection

carpool photo

How can carpool costs be shared?

  • Formally (e.g. pay the driver daily or weekly)
  • Informally (e.g. pay for your driver's lunch once a week)
  • Taking turns driving so no money needs to change hands

If you have any questions, phone 04 830 4333
www.letscarpool.govt.nz (external link)

Priority Parking for Carpoolers

Carpool Parking Sign

Greater Wellington Regional Council has carpool parking spaces in preferred parking areas at Petone, Paraparaumu and Waikanae Stations.

They are reserved for anyone with two or more people arriving at the station car park who all intend to continue their journey on the train.

Look out for the special Carpoolers parking sign at your Park and Ride car park.