We are committed to providing a transport service that you can depend on to get you where you want to go and on time.

We are now at the stage if your watch/phone is a minute or so off you are much more likely to miss your train. 

To avoid this synchronise your watch or phone by downloading an atomic clock app from either the App Store or Google Play (there are many free apps available) or with the new digital clock at the kiosk in Wellington Railway Station.

Download an Atomic Clock app

We operate the train on atomic clock time. There are a number of iOS and Android apps you can download to your phone to make sure you are using the same time as we are: 

get it on google play   app store image2    

Atomic Wall Clock (external link)

 Atomic clock Pro (external link)

Clock (Google Inc) (external link)

 Emerald Time (external link)

ClockSync (external link)


Digital clock in Wellington Station

You can also set your watch to the same time as the digital clock above the Customer Service Kiosk at Wellington Railway Station and you won't miss your train.

clock 1 resized