More people are catching our trains than ever before.We want to give you a bit more information on how to find a seat on our busier services. 

Girl standingOur Matangi train services, which run on the Kapiti, Johnsonville, Hutt Valley and Melling Lines, are designed to have 60% of customers seated and 40% standing when the trains are full during peak times.

The Matangi trains have been designed for customers to stand safely with lots of handholds, either on the seats or overhead 



Getting a seat

There are some things you can do to make it more likely you can get a seat:

  • Catch the services starting further down the line - for example, if you live in Tawa catch the services that start in Porirua, rather than those that stop at Paremata and Plimmerton first.
  • Get in a carriage towards the end of the train - the carriages that arrive and depart closest to Wellington Station are the most popular. Try walking up the platform to the carriages further away.
  • Bags and feet don't need seats - politely ask people to remove their belongings from spare seats - and ask people to move across if there are spare seats by windows. 
  • Travel earlier or later during the peak period - we have provided information on the average capacity for services to and from Wellington Station during peak. We will update these quarterly to help you plan your journey.

Please remember that the green seats on all our trains are priority seating and you should stand for people who need it more than you.


Average capacity on peak commuter services

 seats in MatangiWe have provided capacity figures for morning and afternoon peak services to help you decide if you should travel earlier or later to get a seat.

Any service running at over 60% capacity (highlighted in red) means that some customers will be standing. Taking an earlier or later service may help ensure you get a seat.

The capacity figures are measured as the service arrives at Wellington Station. The percentage is how full the train is - over 60% means people will be standing.

Kapiti Line



Plimmerton to Wellington 2

Porirua to Wellington 2

Hutt Valley Line

Upper Hutt to Wellington 2

Taita to Wellington 2

Melling Line

Melling to Wellington 2

Johnsonville Line

johnsonville to Wellington 2

Wairarapa Line

The Wairarapa Line is different from those with Matangi trains. The carriages are different configurations. Services where the capacity is 75% or less are fully seated. Only 21 people are permitted to stand in each carriage. We know commuters on the Wairarapa Line have not been getting the high level of service they're entitled to expect from Metlink. Too often, there is standing room only. We're looking to modify some carriages used on the line, which will allow us to add more carriages at peak times. Learn more.


Wairarapa services getting a seat