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Double decker

They’re shiny, they're new, and nothing beats the view from the top deck when the sun is shining. Without a doubt, the double decker buses are a great way to get around. Here’s a quick guide on how best to use them, from boarding to tagging off, so that everyone has a smooth, enjoyable double decker experience.


  Ready, set, Snapper!

  Have your Snapper or your cash ready for the driver.


   Get comfy.

   If you want to sit upstairs, check the seat count screen and take a seat.


   Up top? Sit down.

   Make sure you're seated on the upper deck so the driver can drive. 

Double Decker Checker

   Your stop? Shake a leg.

   See your stop coming? Gather your things and hop off safely.

Double Decker Checker

   On at the front. Off at the back. 

   By exiting through the back doors you won't collide with people boarding the bus.