Greater Wellington Public Transport - Annual Performance

Services delivered

In 2015/2016, there were 1,280,000 public transport services delivered (contract and commercial):

  • 1,158,000 bus services
  • 113,000 rail services
  • 9,000 ferry services


Reliability and punctuality

Compares performance for the 12 months to 30 June 2016 with performance for the previous full year.

  • Rail services are recorded as ‘on-time’ when they are within five minutes of the scheduled time at their final destination (based on information provided by the operator). 

rail services delivered jun 2016

on time rail services jun 2016


  • Bus services are defined as ‘on-time’ when they depart the terminus at the scheduled time or up to 10 minutes after (based on information provided by each operator).

bus services delivered jun 2016



on time bus services jun 2016