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Services delivered

In 2016/17, there were 1,250,000 public transport services delivered (contract and commercial):

  • 1,133,000 bus services
  • 108,500 rail services
  •  8,500 ferry services 

Reliability and punctuality

Compares performance for the 12 months to 30 June 2017 with performance for the previous full year.

  • Rail services
    Current year results are not comparable to previous years’ results
    • "Services delivered" are now a measure of all services that are cancelled, do not stop at all stations, or leave early from key stations; prior to 2016/17 the measure was for cancelled services only.
    • "On-time services" are now measured across the network (at all key stations); prior to this financial year this measurement was recorded at Wellington station only, being services arriving within five minutes of the scheduled time at their final destination (based on information provided by the operator). 
Rail services delivered2 On time rail services


  •  Bus services are defined as "on-time" when they depart the terminus at the scheduled time or up to 10 minutes after (based on information provided by each operator).
bus services delivered on time bus services2


Performance Measures

In July 2016 Transdev began operating Wellington's rail services. Under the new operating contract, performance measures were introduced to deliver a stronger focus on improving customer experience.

The new performance measures focus on:

  • Reliability – the train service does not leave early, stops at all stations and is the correct size.
  • Punctuality – any service less than 5 minutes late is on time.

Transdev is financially penalised for any service that does not meet these criteria.

Under the old operator contract, rail services are recorded as "on-time" when they are within five minutes of the scheduled time running in and out of Wellington Station.

On-time performance

on time performance

On time performance 2

Performance on each line

Wairarapa Line continues to to be of concern. We are working to deliver changes to the operation of Wairarapa Line over the next few months to improve performance.

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