Wellington region has the highest number of public transport boardings per person per year in New Zealand. The average resident boarded public transport 72 times last year, far exceeding the per-capita boarding for Auckland, Canterbury, and all major Australian cities except Sydney.

Infographic Boardings per personBelow are some statistics from the 2013/2014 year, as well as links to our patronage, performance and customer satisfaction reports.

Greater Wellington Public Transport Statistics

In the 2013/14 year:

  • 90% of the region’s residents used public transport
  • 35.8 million passenger trips were taken
    • 67.0% by bus
    • 32.5% by train
    • 0.5% by ferry
  • 33% of the people arriving in the CBD during the morning peak used public transport to get there
  • The number of Wellingtonians who took the train in 2013 was nearly 50% higher than the number who took the train five years earlier

Infographic Arrivals by train

The Metlink network:

  • Has bus stops, train stations, and harbour ferry terminals located within a 6 minute walk (500 metres) of 84% of the region’s population
  • Consists of four rail lines, more than 100 bus routes, more than 200 school bus services, and harbour ferry services
  • Includes 49 train stations, 4 harbour ferry wharfs, about 2800 bus stops and 28 park and ride car parks at train stations
  • Operates 517 buses, 73 two-car electric multiple units, 25 Wairarapa rail carriages, and 2 harbour ferries

Infographic modes of transit

Infographic Increase in user numbersOther Statistics

Use of public transport has grown by 1.3% in the past 5 years, and by 14% in the past 10 years.

The slower growth may be attributed to a slower growth in population. Wellington’s annual growth rate dropped from 1.6% to 0.8% since 2006.

In the 10-year period between 2001 and 2011, the number of regional vehicle kilometres travelled per capita fell by nearly 10%

50.1% of all passenger trips on public transport happened during peak times. 49.9% took place during off-peak hours.

Public transport funding in 2014/2015 comes from:

  • Passenger fares (52%)
  • Supergold fare revenue (3%)
  • NZTA subsidy (24%)
  • GWRC rate (21%)

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