Restricted parking at Porirua Park & Ride for expansion works

We are expanding the Porirua Park and Ride to provide a further 172 carparks for those of you who use our Metlink public transport services.

The first of these will be built at the northern end of the Park & Ride facilities, and we have fenced off a section of the northern carpark until early 2019. This will reduce the amount of parking at the northern end of the carpark, meaning you will need to use the southern end of the carpark during these works.

As the map below shows:

Stage 1 will remain fenced off until early next year while we carry out these works.

Stage 1a will also be fenced off for a limited time during these works.


Stage 2 will remain open during the Stage 1 works, but will be fenced off once Stage 1 has been reopened. This is planned for early 2019.

Stage 3 consists of minor works within the existing car park. This is expected to take place in February and March 2019.

poriruaprstage23Please remember to park considerately and follow the terms and conditions of our Park & Ride facilities.

For those who want to leave their car at home, you can now travel to and from Porirua Station by bus for fee using the new Metlink MonthlyPlus Pass.

We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to have these works completed by early 2019. If you have any questions please call our Metlink team on 0800 801 700 or email