More parking spaces so you can park and jump on the train

Delivering 172 additional Park and Ride spaces at Porirua Station. We are also improving footpaths, retaining walls, drainage, lighting, security and surfaces in the existing car park.

This is a three-stage project starting Monday, 7th August. Time frames for each stage will be confirmed as soon as possible.

There will be no impact on existing car parks in the early stages but be aware of the trucks travelling through the Park and Ride from 7 August.

Stage 1 involves demolishing the old Piggy Back Rentals building

Timing: Completion by end 

We are removing the old Piggy Back Rentals complex, excavating and laying the car park surface. We will be improving drainage, lighting and pedestrian access to the area.

Porirua park and ride3


Stage 2 New car park to the east of the station, next to the motorway

This stage includes excavating, improving drainage, laying new surface and marking car parks. We are also realigning the path at the northend.

Porirua park and ride stage 2

Stage 3: Improvements to existing Park and Ride

The final stage includes improving drainage, lighting and footpaths in the existing Park and Ride area. 

Porirua park and ride stage 3