The bridge at the southern end of Ava Station is closed due to earthquake damage. The station can be only accessed via the northern pedestrian bridge which only has stairs.

Ava station is not accessible for users in wheelchairs or prams. Woburn Station is fully accessible.

Resolving this issue is complex and is taking longer than we first anticipated but please be assured we are committed to repairing the bridge as soon as practicable.

The initial design to fix the damage to the bridge has been completed but detailed discussions undertaken with contractors and various stakeholders and agencies meant an amount of redesigns had to occur. This revised design is now currently being costed and reviewed.

It is not a straightforward build. The construction plan, which needs to balance the safety of contractors and trains and minimise disruption to the rail operation, is expected to be completed by the end of August. We will then be able to confirm the time frame to have the bridge reopened.

Ava station