Some months ago, we told you our public transport network would be better. Some of you have told us they’ve noticed an improvement, many have said it’s not working for them yet.

It’s become obvious as we work to make it better, that we’ve shaken your confidence in something you rely on every day.

The city we love is growing rapidly. It needs a public transport network that keeps pace with the changing needs of the people who live here. So we need to keep moving forward. A change this big is complex and takes time to ensure it’s working the way we designed it.

You’ve told us what really matters. Now it’s important you know that we share your concerns and here’s what we’re doing to make it better.

"I can't be sure I'm going to get 
where I need to on time"

What we're doing about it

We’re working on fine tuning the new timetables to ensure buses have enough time to make all the stops when they’re supposed to. 

We’ve made a change to Route 3. Services before 8am now start from Lyall Bay instead of Rongotai, so some buses in that area will run more often.

We've introduced an off-peak 18e service between Miramar and Karori to make it easier for many to get to and from the university and hospital.

"I'm standing at the stop and 
full buses are driving by"

What we're doing about it

We’re working closely with our operators to make sure that big buses run on the busy routes at the right time. 

During morning peak, express routes 30x and 31x are now stopping in Hataitai for pickups.

On some routes around the city, peak periods have seen full buses, so we've introduced extra ones. If you see two buses roll up on the same route one after the other, you're not really seeing double, you're seeing an extra bus making sure you can get to where you're going. Some of these extra buses can be found in the following services. 

We’re deploying extra morning peak buses on Route 36 from Kilbirnie to Wellington Station through Hataitai.

In the morning peak time there are extra buses on Route 3 running between Hutchison Road to Wellington Station. There are also extra buses on Route 3 running from Wellington Station to Lyall Bay, Kilbirnie, and Rongotai.

To increase capacity from Karori, Mana Coach Services are operating extra buses during morning peak time between Karori and Courtenay Place.

We’re also deploying extra buses in the evening on Route 2 between Courtenay Place and Karori, and one extra bus between Lambton Quay and Seatoun.

"I can't rely on your real-time information, 
online or at the bus stop"

What we're doing about it

We’re making improvements while we investigate a number of causes, including a bus by bus review to make sure they can pick up the GPS signal and the Real-Time Information equipment itself has been installed and used properly.

"The new off-peak transfers are a hassle 
and make my journey longer"

What we're doing about it

We know this is taking some getting used to. We’re working with operators to make the connections work as they should. When properly working, you shouldn’t have to wait on average more than five minutes to make a timetabled connection to another bus at a sheltered bus hub.

Follow our progress

We know actions speak louder than words, so we'll continue to share information with you as we work to resolve the issues many of you are experiencing.