Our Metlink Commuter App helps you get to work and school with Real Time information, vehicle tracking and you can subscribe to notifications on alerts and service updates by selecting your favourite services.

You can download Metlink Commuter now:


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More about Metlink Commuter

If you have downloaded our old app or widget we recommend you delete and upgrade to the new app. We no longer support these older tools.

Set up your favourite services to receive notifications. These will keep you up to date with the latest information on your bus, train or ferry.

If you already subscribe to our text alert service you may want to go to your My Metlink account and unsubscribe so we don't spam you - you receive exactly the same messages via the app.

Here are some tips for making the most of Metlink Commuter:

1. Setting up your favourite services to receive alert and service update push notifications

Make sure you are kept up to date with anything that may impact on the bus or train you want to catch.

1.Tap on Favourites at the bottom of your screen

2. Tap on Services

3. Select BusTrainSchool, or Other for Harbour Ferries

4Select the service you want to be kept up to date on

5Done - you will now receive notifications on any changes to your service


sign up for service updates


2. Setting up favourite stops or stations

Set up your favourite stops or stations to quickly access real time information and filter on your favourite services

1.Tap on your Stop or Station - this will bring up real time information

2. Tap on the Star to select your favourite stop or station or you can search for your the stop number and station name:

favourite stop


3. Real time information - when is my next bus or train due

The app highlights your current location with the blue dot. 

Tap the nearest stop or the stop you want to catch the service from to bring up real time information

real time 1

Real time information:

IMG 1216

Tap on the service to track where the vehicle is:

IMG 1217

 4. Filter real time to view your favourite services

By clicking on Filter Services you will only see your favourite service arrivals at the stop.


If you have any questions you can fill out the feedback form or call us on 0800 801 700.