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When the next bus or train is due markWhen the next bus or train is due

The app shows your current location with the blue dot. 

1. Tap on the nearest stop, or on the stop you want to catch your service from. This will show you any alerts and the next services due there

2. Tap on the Star to make stop a favourite for quick access next time you want to catch a bus or train from that stop









Tracking your bus or trainTracking your bus or train

1. Tap the service you're waiting for, and a blue dot with an arrow on it will appear, showing where the vehicle is


Note: If there are minutes counting down next to your bus or train (e.g. "18e Karori - 3 mins"), then it's tracking. If it's only showing a time (e.g. "18e Karori - 3:57pm"), then the bus or train is not tracking. This may be due to the vehicle not having started its journey yet. 








Notifications on your favourite serviceNotifications about your favourite service

Stay up to date with anything that may impact on the bus or train you want to catch.

1.Tap on Favourites at the bottom of your screen

2. Tap on Services

3. Select BusTrainSchool, or Other for Harbour Ferries

4. Select the service you want to be kept up to date on

5. Tap on Settings at the bottom of your screen and select the notification you would like to receive 

6. Done! You will now receive notifications on any changes to your favourite services