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This is not a trial or a pilot.

We're running final testing of the system on a small number of buses in Wellington City for a few weeks. After the test, we'll make any necessary changes. Then, we'll roll out the system to the rest of the region over the next 12 months.

  • The system will be installed on every bus on the network, and will announce every bus stop on every trip.
  • This will enable all users of public transport, including those with disabilities and impairments, to travel more independently with confidence and dignity. 
  • The system will announce all stops during both off-peak and peak commuter times, because riders that benefit from this system travel during all times of the day.
  • These systems are common in major cities and overseas.

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Feedback form

You are entering personal details into this form. Metlink will not share your personal information to a third party for any reason.

You are not required to provide information about any disabilities, impairments or conditions to provide feedback. If you need assistance to complete this form, please call our Contact Centre on 0800 801 700.



The volume levels have been thoroughly tested with members of the disability community and bus drivers to determine appropriate volume ranges. To ensure consistent and clear announcements for those who need it most, drivers can't change the volume or turn the system off.


In your personal experience, was the volume appropriate for you?


Voice & pronunciation

The system uses a high-quality text-to-speech software to create natural sounding announcements. They are not audio recordings. Te reo place names have been programmed into the system by a third party expert in te reo Māori. Other Metlink data publishing systems don't yet include macrons for the stop & route names that appear on these screens, but we're working on it.


In your personal experience, was the voice clear for you?


Display & information

Screen graphics are designed to meet accessibility requirements for colour contrast and clarity. The appearance of text size depends on how close someone is to the screen. We've aimed for a balance between the amount of information and the text size within a limited screen area. 

Points of interest for stops are based on community services, historic landmarks, public venues and local attractions.




Did you notice any problems with the system during your trip? If so, make sure you fill in the first question on this form about which bus you were on, so we can get it fixed.


Any other comments or feedback

Last published: Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at 10:46 PM